Your voice is important

The CRC Connections Project represents an important opportunity to strengthen the County’s relationship with its residents, property owners, business owners and other stakeholders. It is an opportunity to better understand people’s needs and reflect those in the plans for the future of the Clackamas Regional Center.

The project will include many opportunities for citizens and interested parties to comment and get involved, including public open houses and events, online open houses and a citizen-based Stakeholder Working Group.

How decisions will be made

A number of committees and groups will be involved in the project. Each has varying levels of influence and responsibility to review, provide input, and make recommendations. The chart below shows the relationship of the different groups. The arrows represent the direction of input and recommendations to each group. Each committee and group is further described below.

Decision Making Structure Graphic

Technical Working Group: The Technical Working Group (TWG) serves an advisory role to the Stakeholder Working Group and County staff on technical issues regarding the CRC Connections Project. The TWG is comprised of transportation and planning staff from Clackamas County, ODOT, TriMet, Metro, and the cities of Happy Valley and Milwaukie.

Stakeholder Working Group: The Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) advises County staff on issues of concern to communities and important groups in the area. It is comprised of stakeholders representing a wide range of interests in the project, potentially including: multi-modal transportation advocates; environmental, equity and community interests; neighborhood representatives; business, real estate and development interests; emergency services; and students/youth.

Planning Commission: The Clackamas County Planning Commission will develop a recommendation on the project. County staff will then present a recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners, which will include the Planning Commission’s recommendation.

Board of County Commissioners: The Board of County Commissioners will make final decisions on the project.

Oregon Department of Transportation: ODOT will be involved throughout the project process, and must approve the County staff recommendation before the final adoption process.

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