About the TSDC Update Process

In December 2015, the County and City of Happy Valley began the process of updating Transportation System Development Charges (TSDCs). TSDCs are one-time fees assessed when a developer applies for a permit to create a new development or redevelop an existing property. These fees are used to pay for needed improvements to the transportation system caused by the additional traffic estimated to be created by the new development.

This project will update the TSDC rates in two areas:

  • Unincorporated areas of Clackamas County (called the Countywide TSDC district)
  • Happy Valley plus its surrounding area (called the Joint Happy Valley/Clackamas County TSDC District)

Why update TSDCS now?

The TSDC methodology has not been updated since 2006. Both Clackamas County and the City of Happy Valley have updated their Transportation System Plans, which include project lists to improve travel by driving, walking, biking, and taking transit. The TSDC Update process will consider ways to estimate and collect TSDC fees to help fund these projects. Currently, TSDC funds can only be used to fund vehicle projects.

Components of the project

The TSDC Update process will:

  • Consider how to best assess development in a way that would allow for projects to be funded by TSDC funds
  • Update the project list
  • Update TSDC rates
  • Find ways to streamline administration of the TSDC program to simplify the process for applicants.

The County will involve a Working Group composed of technical staff and stakeholders to provide input to help shape the TSDC methodology update and rates.

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