Documents related to this project will be posted here as they become available.

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Fall 2015 Public Outreach Summary
12/15/15 PDF 526 KB
Project Fact Sheet - Fall 2015
10/16/15 PDF 505 KB
State of the Practice: Alternative Performance Measures

Report that presents the range of potential performance measures that could be considered for the project, to support implementation of multimodal transportation infrastructure projects within the Regional Center.

10/05/15 PDF 2 MB
Existing Condition Report

Report on the the existing land use and transportation system conditions in the Clackamas Regional Center area.

08/26/15 PDF 33.7 MB
Project Fact Sheet - Summer 2015
05/06/15 PDF 189 KB

TSDC Fact Sheet 1
03/02/16 PDF 123 KB

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